Thursday, January 11, 2007

War in Somalia

This 2006 documentary talks about the situation in Somalia in the height of the ICU's control (Islamic Courts Union) prior to the invasion of Ethiopia on 20-25 Dec 2006 and the fall of Mogadishu to the Ethiopian and government forces on Dec 28. War for control is still currently ongoing. ICU has been withdrawn to the Southwest Somalia, bordering Kenya.

As of 6 Jun 2006, run by different warlord factions. Beginning of the rise of the ICU , the second battle of Mogadishu to control the capital.

As of 2 Dec 2007, at the height of ICU control.

As of 2 Jan 2007, Ethiopia forces presence in Somalia.

Somalia : another war "Made in USA " Link here

Information on the war in Somalia (2006-present) Link here

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